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Looking to start a livestream sale?

Make the right decision for your brand by choosing live hosts that best suits your brand image and generate a HUAT live for you. We are not just stopping at livestream sales, if you need a host for roadshows, we are here for you!


Different hosts specialize in different aspects and here, we make sure the information you need to choose your host is given to you. Of course, reach out to us if you need more info!

Meet Your Host

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Jia Yang

Meet Jiayang, a humorous and witty host whose streams are held in an engaging format! Jiayang connects naturally with younger audiences and leverages his extensive language mastery (English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay and more) to cater to older generations too.

Specialisation: Flexible

Experience: Weddings and Events, Branded home appliances, and even live fishes from our local farms.

Rate: $80/hr ~


Cerilynn Law

Meet Cerilynn! Although she is new to live hosting, she has a lot of experience doing it for events and interviews. She also hosts a radio show on her campus' radio station once a week, so she is definitely confident to go impromptu!

Specialisation: Flexible 

Experience: Hosted a radio show

Rate: $70/hr ~

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Donovan Wong

Meet Donovan! 

Outspoken and likes to socialise. Funny at times. Previously had experience doing IG Live in Gym related and selling friend’s 2nd hand products. Always open to trying new things!


Specialisation: Flexible 

Experience: Hosted IG live

Rate: $80/hr ~

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Meet ShirleenTheGreat! Shirleen is a very bubbly and interactive host. She focus on keeping her viewers well entertained during live. 
Had 3 years experience in live stream/selling/emcee.

Specialisation: Jack of all trades

Experience: Livestream & Emcee

Rate: $80/hr ~

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Joey Tan

Meet Joey! Joey is very straightforward and honest in her opinion. She believes in selling the brand/product if she likes it. Had experience in live-selling of preloved clothes.


Specialisation: Fashion related product & Assisting live host

Experience: Facebook Live

Rate: $70/hr ~


Sherylynn Kok

Meet Sherylynn! Outspoken and knowledgeable, she is agile in any product she's selling. Her favourite past time is socializing which explains why she is always excited to meet new people.

Specialisation: Food & Lifestyle.

Experience: IG Live & Facebook Live

Rate: $80/hr ~ 



Delightful Durian


Big Harvest



EcoPluz Vinyl Flooring 


Maxwell and ABC Hawker


CKH Frozen Meat 




Baker's Oven


Hosting for Temasek Launchpad


Temasek Polytechnic Openhouse 2022

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